Total Randomness (Series)
General Information
Type of Production: Internet Series
Created By: Alexander Popichak, &
Mikaela Kapeluk
Country of Origin: United States of America
Episodes: Three Videos To Date
Produced By: Alexander Popichak
Film Location: Greater Production Area
Distributed by: Dailymotion
Youtube(2 & 3)
Other Informations
Website: None

Total Randomness is a series of videos created by Mikaela Kapeluk and Alexander Popichak. It is managed and produced by Easysites Multimedia Productions.


In the Summer of 2009, friends Alexander Popichak and Mikaela Kapeluk decided to document their time at a local Vacation Church (Bible) School.

With very little use of this collection of videos, Alexander edited and produced Total Randomness. He published the video under the name "Total Randomness :)." With a surprising success, and many more "blooper reel" material, the Total Randomness Series was created.