{Continued from Clayland Section} After everyone is finished worshiping Shnorkey they go out for drinks and attend wild parties

Going out for Drinks and Attending Wild Parties or Getting Drunk and Going to Crazy PartiesEdit

When the worshiping is finished all of the people go to their friends homes and have wild parties and drink. The most famous of these is Clay's party which is held at his home and is organized by him and Shnorkey. The party typically lasts until 4 A.M. and after that point Shnorkey and Clay sneak off to spread Shnorkmas joy to the Masses.

Spreading Snorkmas Joy to the Masses or Being Idiots and Flying Outdated Soviet Bombers that Drop PresentsEdit

After they have creeped away from the festivities, Shnorkey and Clay board their modified TU-95 and drop presents onto the masses. Each present is carefully padded so that it does not cause any massive head injuries on its way down to earth. Clay personally reads all of the peoples minds beforehand so he can tell what presents to buy them. Then they land, drink and run about town being idiots until they inevitably pass out and have to be rescued from the 70 foot tall tree that drunk Clay insisted that they climb. In the morning they are met with blinding headaches and begin planning for next years festivities.