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Promo Videos are the videos that Easysites Multimedia have created for the purpose of promoting a group, cause, or institution.

Reasons for Promo CreationEdit

Local events are commonly attended by Easysites' chief photographer: Alex Popichak. These videos aren't commonly used in average video production, and are therefore put into one of Easysites's Four Piles of Production. After being sorted into the "Useful but not Suitable for Regular Video Production," it is compiled into a non-fitting Promo Video.

Examples of Promotional VideosEdit

Here's a list of Promotional videos produced by Easysites:

  • Holy Ghost Orthodox Church
  • Frontier District Day Camp
  • Bloopers Right Here at

Here's a list of videos made for people (see almost-documentaries)

  • Light-Up Night 2009
  • CHS Class of 2015 Feat. Viva La Vida