JSVH 1/1
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General Information
Type of Production: Webshow Episode
Created By: Alexander Popichak
Jeffrey Stephan
Starring: Jeffrey Stephan
Clay Bodnar
Theme Song: "Glass of Water" by Coldplay
Country of Origin: United States of America
Produced By: Alexander Popichak
Film Location: Greater Production Area (Carnegie, Pa)
Distributed by: Dailymotion
Other Informations

The JSVH 1/1 is the premier episode of the Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour series. It premiered October 11, 2009.

PlotLine (CC)

In the premier episode of the Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour series, the namesake thinks-he-is-famous host Jeffrey Stephan opens the show by introducing his co-star Clay Bodnar.

After a brief intro, we meet the dynamic duo at their desk as Mr. Bodnar talks about his first book (of many in a series): the The KGB Says Goodnight. It follows the story of a boy who's friendly neighborhood KGB agent helps him with his sleep apnea.

Then, cameraman Alexander Popichak helps the host with his terrible problem---not knowing how to whistle. Unfortunately, Alex's attempt fails, and Jeffrey is left without a teacher.

After a brief commercial about the RoboFlex 3000, we then re-join the duo as they hope to bring publicity to their new-found show with the "Honk if you've seen my show!" skit.


It was regarded afterward that the "honk" bit was overall dangerous, and was frowned upon afterward.