The following page is a combination of many other pages. It is a glossary of all Crew positions, as of the most recent editing date.


If a person is listed as a creator, a creator simply means that person or group has or is creating either a website, video, or video series. There are few creators, but there are a few:

  • Alexander Popichak (JSVH, Total Randomness [co-creator], NYC: Surviving the Concrete Jungle)
  • Clay Bodnar (BBC 2 1/2)
  • David Wovchko (That DnC Show Wiki)
  • Mikaela Kapeluk (Total Randomness [co-creator])


A writer is a person or persons who write or have written the script of the PlotLine (CC) of a video or videos. There are many, as with most of Easysites' videos are un-scripted. We cannot mention everyone that has ever written a line, but there are a notable few of which have been featured.

  • Alexander Popichak (NYC: Surviving The Concrete Jungle [both final edits])
  • Clay Bodnar (JSVH, BBC 2 1/2)
  • Jeffrey Stephan (JSVH)
  • Kateryna (Total Randomness :D)
  • Mikaela Kapeluk (Total Randomness :D)
  • Natalie Thomas (Total Ranomness: Act III)


A Producer is one of the editor(s) of a project. In most cases, this is combined with the editors of a given project. One who produces is also a good definition.

  • Alexander Popichak (All Easysites Multimedia Productions)
  • David Wovchko (That DnC Show)