The Clayclandic Era is a fictitious amount of time between 1672 and 2012 A.D. Also included is a period of time where Clay is thought to have been born.

Notable EventsEdit

During this period of time, several notable events occurred in the fictitious areas of Clayland and Jeffland. The following is a list of notable major events in these areas.

-August ????-???? Clay Bodnar is born

-1672 Island that would later become Clayland is discovered and colonized by Prussia

-1900 Island is claimed by the Russians

-1917 Island gains independence from Russia during the Russian Revolution

-1922 Island becomes part of newly created nation of Poland

-1939 Island occupied by the German Wermacht

-1942 Communist guerillas led by Clay begin to fight the Wermacht.

-1945 Island liberated by Britsh Commandos under command of Captain Charles A. Wimbleton

-1965 Communist revolution on the island led by Clay Bodnar

-1970 All Britsh forces ejected from the island, Charles A. Wimbelton is believed to have been killed

-1971 Foundation of the Nation of Clayland

-1972 Foundation of Jeffland

-1975 The DHARMA Initiative builds a base on one of the islands in the island chain.

-1976 SPECTRE is permitted to build a base on the island

-1980 Alliance with the USSR and Red China

-1984 The War with Jeffland begins

-1989 Shnorkey is mutated in a freak accident following his escape from the zoo

-1990 Shnorkey is declared Grand Bishop of Clayland

-1992 Formation of the IAOSN

-1992 Millitary alliance and defence pact with Sea Land

-2009 End of war with Jeffland {Jeffland was little more than a minor annoyance at this point}

-2010 pocket of magic below the island is discovered causing a great boost in the economy

-2012 world ends because Clay Bodnar holds a uranium themed Shnorkmas party and accidentally blows some up with fireworks