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The Battle of Jeffville is a fictional battle, concluding battle of the Claylandic wars (1985-2010).

Begining of the BattleEdit

The battle started on August 4, 2010 the day after the Great Emperor Clay's birthday. On the Claylandic side, the forces amassed inlcuded 4,500,000 soldiers, 4,000 tanks and 2,000 aircraft. The battered Jefflandic Army contained 5,000,000 soldiers but only 3,500 tanks and 700 aircraft. The stage was set and the battle began at 2.00 P.M. on August 4th the battle was being fought only 15 miles from the Jefflandic capital city of Jeffville (the city the battle is named after.)

The Battle Drags onEdit

The battle was fought for 12 days on the outskirts of the city until the Claylandic forces broke through the Jefflandic lines. The remaining Jefflandic soldiers (about 2,000,000) routed back to the capital with Claylandic forces in pursuit. The battle would coninue for five more days inside the city itself with both sides taking heavy losses. About 6,000 Jefflandic troops were surrounded at the Jefflandic Parlement building where they held out for two days.

Final SurrenderEdit

The soldiers of the Claylandic army broke into the Parlement building on August 21 and captured the remaining enemy soldiers. The government surrendered on August 22 and lost all of their land and independence. Claylandic soldiers now occupy the area and are rebuilding the areas devestated by the war. The leader Jeff's whearabouts are still unknown but he is suspected to have of escaped on his private jet when the battle turned against him.