Easysites Multimedia Productions

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Country of Origin:

United States of America


Alexander Popichak




Video, Image, and Website Production

Year Founded:



Easysites Multimedia is an American video, website, and image-production firm.


Origin Of The Name (2007-2008)Edit

In 2007, Alexander Popichak created Easysites as a codename for his underground website operation (easy-web-sites). This consisted the nieve idea of website domain names for free. In 2007, he stared the website as his original web log of his findings, shared with the immediate community. This lasted for a brief time, and then he abandoned the idea altogether.

Website Production and the "Media" Addition (2008)Edit

With the loss of the original Easysites name, Alex then went on to create the website The website's main goal was to increase business with business cards, logos, and toolbars, using free tools such as Conduit.

With the addition of new services, the name officially became "Easysites Media." Then come the addition of the video production.

Easysites Multimedia (2009-present)Edit

In 2009, Easysites added the medium of video production. Since then, focus has shifted from the traditional website creation to video creation. With that, the almost-permanent name of "Easysites Multimedia Productions" was complete.


In 2009, there was a question of a merger with up-and-coming production firm AK Productions, LTD. This was a result of the talks with their main producer, David Wovchko. Easysites pitched the idea for That Dave n' Clay Show, after the Jeff Stephan Variety Hour ended in 2010. However, the talks were short-lived and was no longer spoken of.

Easysites Multimedia considered a name change after breaking ties with AK Productions, but decided against the idea in October 2010.